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Transportation & Delivery

No single size fits all. The same goes for project practices as well. Ampro’s experts apply a plan-driven, tailored approach to every project we in take! Check how our approach handles & streamlines your ideas

About the software

Ampro’s Travel, and transport software is a revolutionary culmination a unique expedition-cum-logistics services, where customers can book their goods to be transported domestically and interstate on the app. Additionally, we have also infused an extra feature where the owner of the goods can actually travel with the vehicle to disembark at the destination.

An end-to-end travel and transport management solution, we seamlessly integrate a range of features such as GPS services, routing details, fuel station availability etc. Our passenger travel systems allow users to book their vehicle from any point to be dropped at the address of their choice. 

    The importance of travel and transportation & its functionalities

    Every commercial activity directly or indirectly is linked to transportation. Organizations, retail businesses and a variety of other economically binding sectors to deliver products, goods and services efficiently. To a great extent, the political, cultural and social development of a country is dependent on transportation. For instance, countries and subcontinents cannot survive without each other. This is where transport brings all of them together while meeting the need for mobility and offering convenience and comfort. Transportation is also associated with the movers and packer’s industry and are extremely helpful in relocation of household items and other goods.


    Benefits and features

    As industry standards evolved, it provided an opportunity to develop newer technologies that would redefine travel and welcome a new era of global strategies. Ampro, too adjusted to the shifting needs of the customer and integrated several digital and analytical tools to help the industry forge ahead with new ways of working and resiliency for a technological future. Our software incorporates a real-time integrated trucking software, that cuts down on your workload, increases cash flow and eliminates driver pay stress. 


    • Admin work is slashed in half as drivers get paid faster and even stay on payroll for the next workload
    • Fuel and location reports are available at the click of a button
    • The software provides real-time information, fast – as soon as it is entered into the system
    • A driver management system ensures that dispatches are assigned on time, expenses are tracked and all updates are received promptly
    • Operational efficiency is improved and redundant data entry is eliminated 
    • Drivers can contact their rides and monitor their earnings 
    • Users or travelers can communicate with the transport company facilitating easy communication
    • Bookings can also be reviewed, changed or canceled 
    • Online payment modules ensure cashless transactions
    • Administrators get complete control over the pricing 
    • Report generations include profit tracking as well
    • Cross-platform accessibility and integration is also synchronized 


    Why Ampro?

    Ampro Tech Valley is a fast-emerging technology firm that builds products not just according to paper-wise requirements, but after a thorough understanding of the customers’ psyche. We seldom deviate from the actual requirements of our clients. As a product-based company, we offer a range of exclusive and out-of-the-box services that are designed to match the customers’ niche. As a full-service software agency, we develop applications, corporate systems, deliver business intelligence tools and IT consultancy providing you with directions to build custom solutions and drive innovation. We build smart applications that impact the behavior of the customer and help users take control of their operations. 

    As visionaries and strategists Ampro is in the process of shaping a new world of transportation where complex business challenges can be resolved and your competitive advantage is enhanced. As a trusted and reliable partner we apply well-designed and scalable business-changing solutions to achieve high levels of service quality.