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Niche Specific Services

No single size fits all. The same goes for project practices as well. Ampro’s experts apply a plan-driven, tailored approach to every project we in take! Check how our approach handles & streamlines your ideas

About the software

While there are a lot of discourses over on-demand service offerings, no one company has been able to justify its eminence fully. Ampro brings a unique software that allows customers to connect with multiple professionals for online consultations from the comfort of their homes. Users can avail of telemedicine consultations, and virtual video services for issues that do not necessarily invite contact. All appointments and purchases are accomplished on a secure and powerful digital platform thus enabling customer satisfaction on one hand and vendor engagement on the other.

    The importance of an on-demand services website, the app and its functionalities

    49% of the on-demand customers are made up of millennials who are used to working through mobile apps for instant solutions to their products and services needs. The environment, today, is highly competitive and requires sellers to adopt newer and innovative ways to attract the customer. Convenience and pricing are two deciding factors that drive the consumer to on-demand app services. Therefore, to save time, and ease up their tasks through cost-efficient offerings, it is imperative for businesses to choose on-demand service apps. The design and nature of the interface also is curated according to customer behaviors. 


    Benefits and features

    Ampro’s on-demand services app comes with a range of irrefutable features where providers can present their services along with receipts, labels and guarantees. 

    • Accessible to customers both on android and iOS platforms
    • Easy and simple registration process where customers can even use their social logins – alternatively, they can choose to enter their personal details manually
    • Customers can browse through all service offerings seamlessly 
    • Advanced search filters such as ratings, costings and more are available 
    • Profile management facilities with managed details of their favorites and much more
    • View available services and make an online request to the professional of their choice
    • Smart and intelligent registration processes for professionals and providers
    • Profile approval for their service operations
    • Accepting request forms from the customers
    • Secure online receipt of payments
    • Notifications and in-communication features 
    • Service providers can control their availabilities 


    Why Ampro?

    Ampro Tech Valley is fast-emerging technology firm that builds products not just according to paper-wise requirements, but after a thorough understanding of the customers’ psyche. We seldom deviate from the actual requirements of our clients. As a product-based company, we offer a range of exclusive and out-of-the-box services that are designed to match the customers’ niche. As a full-service software agency, we develop applications, corporate systems, deliver business intelligence tools and IT consultancy providing you with directions to build custom solutions and drive innovation. We build smart applications that impact the behavior of the customer and help users take control of their operations. 

    As visionaries and strategists Ampro is in the process of shaping a new world of on-demand service offerings where complex business challenges can be resolved and your competitive advantage is enhanced. As your trusted and reliable partner, we apply well-designed and scalable business-changing solutions to achieve high levels of service quality.