Our Approach

No single size fits all. The same goes for project practices as well. Ampro’s experts apply a plan-driven, tailored approach to every project we in take! Check how our approach handles & streamlines your ideas

1Analyzing the entire scope and vision

On initial grounds, we carry out the process of keenly listening to our client’s scope and vision of the project. Our Subject Matter Experts ensure that there is a total understanding of the project requirement. All the ideologies are brainstormed where a detailed cost-benefit analysis is also performed so that every step is outright from the start. 

Once the scope and vision of the project have been set out, we chart out a strategy so that you can have a ‘walk through’ of the outline. This step ensures that we are on the same page. 

2Collaborating on initial grounds and gathering essential information

When the first meeting is conducted, we are open to answering any questions you have about us. We are all ears in listening to not only your entire requirements but also the specific goals you have for the project. We are all about understanding the essential market landscape so that we are set forth on the right path.

After gathering essential data, we build individual strategies where we also have a check on the business data. We go through the audience analytics and conduct a thorough survey on social media and websites.  Once we have effective insight which is data-driven, we form the best strategy for the project. We have a digital approach to all the strategies that we chalk out.

3 Selecting cutting-edge technology and sketching an innovative approach

The business world in the modern market is not only complex but also ever-changing and evolving. Innovative technologies help connect customers and businesses in a seamless way. We at Ampro Tech Valley perceive digital technology as an opportunity where we adapt various technological approaches to conduct our operations effortlessly. 

We utilise Internet of Things so that there is not only better efficiency and agility but better and informative data about the internal systems and products to sketch out the innovative approaches. We garner the best of digital for a better approach.

4Structuring and systemizing of layouts and flow

The structuring and systemizing of the project is laid out by the Ampro Tech Valley team were before we start building on the project, we ensure to review all of the major goals and requirements.  We structure the layout and flow from the perception of our customers. We plan out the flow beyond what is expected from us. 

At Ampro Tech Valley, our approach is objective centric so that we can present our work in the best way possible. We connect brands and customers impeccably through digital platforms. There is an innovative approach to the flow charted out by us in tune with the marketing plan.

5Robust testing and iterations

This step is the testing phase of the project where our experts will test it out entirely before the final product is forwarded to you. The internal testing is done thoroughly where all of the features are examined and if there is any rectification needed, we immediately do all of the modifications. The iteration is inclusive of more than one test cycle where the testing cycle is regarded as part of the software lifecycle.  Not only analysis, but coding, design and testing is done during this step. This ensures that we offer the software or the application in a better way where we can also track the progress simultaneously.

6Beta deployment

This step is the second phase in software testing where a sample of the software is given to the intended audience so that they can try out the product and convey their valuable feedback on it. Beta testing is always regarded as the testing which is done pre-release. This phase of testing is also known as UAT (User Acceptance Testing) where the applications or software are subjected to testing in the real world by the intended audience or the target audience. The experience data collected while beta testing is further forwarded to the developers so that they can do the final changes before it is released into the market or is sent to the client.

7Continual improvement in the process

A consistent improvement approach helps us work on a higher level. After beta deployment, we ensure to further improve on our project so that the final product is nothing but the best. There is a notion of constantly seeking out newer approaches to better value add to the software or application. We always strive for a major change where this can be only achieved with constant quality improvement. We have a team of hard working individuals who dedicate themselves in improving the software or application to a maximum extent. We aim for utmost client satisfaction of the end product.

8Seamless project delivery and impeccable support

After all the final testing and improvements are done, we will provide you with a seamless project delivery. But Ampro Tech Valley is not just yet done after submitting the final project to the client because we also offer the best support post-sales so that your software or application is running smoothly and efficiently. 

We do an annual maintenance check as per the request of the client so that any issues are cleared out. We have a team of delivery managers who will be in touch with you if you have any queries or doubts throughout the project lifecycle.

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