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No single size fits all. The same goes for project practices as well. Ampro’s experts apply a plan-driven, tailored approach to every project we in take! Check how our approach handles & streamlines your ideas

About the product

Ampro’s education and training software brings a variety of features and functionalities that help make any classroom interactive and personal. Primarily providing convenience to learners, the application is highly customizable and even allows users to link all resources in different formats. Accessibility to the platform is available from anywhere and at any time. The students only have to possess an internet connection to log into their respective credentials. Promoting active and independent learning, students also have access to discussion boards and chats and interact with their tutors and peers for any doubts. Ampro believes in constructive contributions to society. Through this app, we know we are making education accessible even to the remotest of areas.

    The importance of travel and transportation & its functionalities

    A web-based tool, the LMS doesn’t just deliver content to the students, it handles more than that. It registers students, administers courses, tracks performance and even has reporting modules that help analyze existing business delivery patterns. The LMS also takes classroom training a step ahead when newer interactive learning methodologies are introduced for students to remain interested. An entire performance management system is embedded into the LMS for skill gap analytics, employee appraisal and competency management. Besides, the entire learning process is streamlined and administrators are able to deliver motivational and engaging training modules.

    Benefits and features

    The need for more sustainable knowledge drove technology companies to create a capable LMS that would deliver critical learning concepts successfully. Managing all aspects of a learning process, the system also has the ability to manage complex databases across digital education frameworks. Traditional educational institutions and businesses of all sizes can benefit from the software. It would also make bulk data processing such as registrations, extremely easy. 

    • Data tracking such as registrations, enrolments committees and classrooms
    • Uninterrupted teaching cycles
    • Interactive modules to facilitate comprehensive learning
    • An updated cloud system enabling smooth running and back up storage
    • Centralized dash board customized for each login
    • Easy exploration of courses 
    • Students’ interests remain captured due to gamification 

    Why Ampro?

    Ampro Tech Valley is fast-emerging technology firm that builds products not just according to paper-wise requirements, but after a thorough understanding of the customers’ psyche. We seldom deviate from the actual requirements of our clients. As a product-based company, we offer a range of exclusive and out-of-the-box services that are designed to match the customers’ niche. As a full-service software agency, we develop applications, corporate systems, deliver business intelligence tools and IT consultancy providing you with directions to build custom solutions and drive innovation. We build smart applications that impact the behavior of the customer and help users take control of their operations. 

    As visionaries and strategists Ampro is in the process of shaping a new world of Education and Training where complex business challenges can be resolved and your competitive advantage is enhanced. As your trusted and reliable partner, we apply well-designed and scalable business-changing solutions to achieve high levels of service quality.