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Jumpstarting projects are more about initiations than execution and implementation. Efficient communication and gathering all requirements are keys to the success of your venture. This means every strategy must be well-defined and easily accessible to complete the project on time and stay on budget. Outline complete expectations accurately with inception plans. Otherwise, chances are, you will be overwhelmed and tend to push the project away from its actual course of action. For all these, Ampro Way’s strategies will give the best solutions for kickstarting your new business.


Planning and Research:

Before you begin, a thorough market research module will advise if your business idea is viable. You may want to gather all information about your competitors and potential customer base present in your area. This activity will help your business gain a competitive edge over others. A business plan draft lays the foundation for the roadmap that will be followed towards a phased growth. This will provide your business with a structure, an outline to help run it and grow the organization within a specific period of time. As much as planning is important, so is funding for your business.


Figuring out how much money will be involved in kickstarting your business will also decide whether you need to raise or borrow capital. A brick-and-mortar business always requires you to pick the right location, or if you are launching an online store, you have to explore legal requirements and revenue generation. Finally, you get to choose a business structure, its name and apply for registration along with obtaining the necessary permits and licenses whilst also opening a bank account. 


While all of the above seem to fit into a single paragraph, theoretically, the process can be overwhelming. You need professionals who can wind you seamlessly through the above to bring your dream project to life. 


The Ampro Way

Uniquely, exercising the power of empathy, Ampro’s 8-step approach tailors every phase of the project and implements it with finesse.


Defining The Project Scope

As part of the early project planning stages, we clearly outline all product requirements – more comprehensively, the functions, features, bespoke software solution, etc., with specifics built into the design. We also forecast the process requirements describing both B2B and B2C interactions. Data and workflow paths are defined here as well. 


Information Gathering 

To deliver a project successfully, we essentially involve the right stakeholders to commission the project. Besides, all information pertaining to the project along with its limitations, and change management procedures, are put in place. We also gain details and perspective of the project – here, we try to accurately identify the end-result that you as a customer, wish to achieve.


Choosing The Right Technology

Ampro’s professionals are constantly studying industry practices and immerse themselves in the minutiae of recent IT best practices. This way, we do not lose sight of our final goal. Using the latest technological approach, we utilize IoT constructively, to drive efficiency and agility through internal systems’ information and data.


Workflow And Structure

Here, we define the sequence of activities, data and responsibilities where tasks are passed from one action to the other, effortlessly. Materials are transformed into information or services through this workflow.



Small gradual changes or updates are made in the product based on insights received in the form of user feedback. Predefined baseline metrics are laid out as a comparison against existing results where the product is tested for inconsistencies and immediately rectified. 


Beta Deployment

In the second phase of testing, a sample product is set up for use by an intended targeted audience. The experiences of these users are sent back to the testing and development team who make final modifications before the commercial go-to-market.



The continuous improvement process approach ensures that the product is improved further and goes beyond customer expectations. We add value to the software and application with the sole aim of gratifying every need of the consumer. 


Delivery And Post-Deployment Support

Where most companies keep this step as an extended arm of their development process, we incorporate it into our main project development module. Our clients are assured of the finest services possible.


Ampro Tech Valley is a distinctive IT consulting company that believes in affinity. Therefore, we personalize every project for you. 

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