Top 10 Famous React Native Apps That Redefine Excellence

Famous React Native Apps

The rising demand and trend for smartphones and mobile applications have made it necessary for businesses to build their applications, regardless of the business size. React Native apps are considered to be game-changing in the dynamic business world. However, native mobile app development can consume many resources, investment and time. Businesses all around the globe opt for cross-platform mobile app development or opting for React Native app development. This is what we will discuss in this article: the benefits of React Native and the top ten international businesses using React Native Applications for their business.

Why Do Companies Prefer React Native Apps?

React Native is a free JavaScript Framework that allows businesses to build applications for operating systems such as iOS and Android from a single coding basis. It is built on the React framework and offers every feature of React in mobile development.

The reason why the React Native framework has gained popularity throughout the years is because it helps to cater to both platforms at the same time. It has settled the battle businesses must go through between Android and iOS development. Hence, big companies like Instagram, Skype, Myntra, and many others have shifted their attention towards React Native development.

Why Choosing React Native Apps Are Beneficial For Businesses

Popular React Native

Following are some of the primary benefits businesses will get through React Native:

Faster Development Process

One of the primary benefits of choosing React Native is its faster development process. The native programming languages consume a hefty amount of time. The development teams have saved a lot of time in coding compilation due to its remarkable “live reloading” feature.

Better Performance

React Native has revolutionized the existing cross-platform development option. This platform’s efficacy is based on using native modules and controls that enhance the overall performance. It interacts with native iOS and Android components to generate API codes without issues.


React Native apps can be used and maintained across different operating systems, which makes this framework flexible and versatile. Moreover, if a developer works on a code, another developer can take over without confusion.

Reusable Code

The goal of cross-platform coding is that the written codes shall be reused for both Android and iOS. The same goes for React Native, which works based on Write once and publishes everywhere. With this, developers will not have to create separate designs for each dedicated platform. Over 90% of the coding can be reused between platforms, significantly improving the development speed and efficiency. Check the react native libraries.


   Top 10 Famous React Native Apps

React Native Apps

As mentioned, many major companies use React Native for their mobile Application instead of conventional native applications. The following are the most popular React Native applications:

1. Facebook

Facebook, or Meta, is the inventor of the first Native Application. This social media channel is one of the biggest names that uses React Native. After Facebook, many companies followed in their footsteps and hired many React Native Developers worldwide.

2. Instagram

Instagram is another social media handle where people can share videos and photos. Instagram was built through a conventional native Application and later integrated React Native into their pre-existing Application to incorporate push notifications.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the most famous image-sharing platforms that has helped many people worldwide with ideas, inspirations and whatnot. Speaking of which, Pinterest initially opted for React Native to allow its developers to create native applications for iOS and Android by using the same codebase. According to the blogs of Pinterest, the integration of React Native has resulted in better development at lower costs.

4. Skype

In 2017, Skype informed their team about app development based on React Native. The new Skype Android application was renewed drastically since a huge chunk was rebuilt to improve design and functionality.
Skype later transferred every feature of the old version to the latest version of Skype while adding many different features. For instance, Giphy allows users to share GIFs through Giphy, the Microsoft Integrated application.

5. Walmart

Walmart is the most extensive retail business in the world and a leading React Native Mobile App. Like Instagram, they integrated React Native onto the pre-existing app structure to enhance the user experience. They aimed to introduce advanced technologies to get a curve from their competition.

6. Airbnb

Airbnb is one of the known digital marketplaces providing lodging, homestay, and tourism experience. They have revolutionized the industry due to their innovative approach. They integrated React Native to improve the speed of their mobile Application to provide a better user experience.

7. Myntra

Myntra is a big name in the clothing industry and online shopping, lifestyle, and fashion products, especially in India. React Native has been the driving force behind their beautiful catalogues of products, showing profiles, placing orders, and an amusing user interface and design.

8. Shopify

Shopify is one of the biggest eCommerce platforms, allowing businesses to run their brand internationally. Shopify uses React Native to maintain a precise and compact codebase for their mobile applications while offering a consistent experience for both Android and iOS. It has helped Shopify significantly to reduce development costs and time.

9. UberEATS

UberEATS is a globally known food delivery application that uses React Native to provide a better user experience and user interface to its users and clients. There is a mobile- and desktop-based dashboard for restaurants with varying functionalities, such as sound and push notifications, created through React Native.

10. Microsoft One Drive

Microsoft OneDrive is a file sync and hosting service provided by Microsoft. In development, Microsoft decided to opt for React Native for OneDrive mobile applications for Android and iOS. You can check the guide of ionic vs react native.


1. How much does it cost to develop a React native app?
Many factors such as the industry, type of application, number of pages, and the app type determine the cost of React App Development costs.

2. Can Existing Native Code be Integrated with React Native Apps?
Yes, React Native supports native modules, allowing seamless integration of existing native codebases. This flexibility is advantageous for projects needing a mix of native and React Native components.

3. Why do startups prefer React Native Apps?
More than 90% of the code bases are similar for iOS and Android. React Native allows faster development.

4. Can React Native apps access device features like camera and GPS?
Yes, React Native provides access to native modules and APIs, allowing developers to integrate device features seamlessly.


React Native is a robust and broadly used framework that is used all around the world. This article has provided a list of some of the industry’s big guns using React Native Apps. Explore React Native’s Global Impact! Discover industry giants using React Native apps. Ready to join the ranks? Partner with Ampro TechValley for expert solutions!

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